Puppy Gallery

Featured are puppies that have graduated from our program. The puppies here all have homes and are not available. From time to time we will have an available puppy which will be listed on our Available Puppy page. Please check that page for updates. Iron Will Dog Training is pleased to partner with leading Doodle Breeders.

Interested in a Puppy that is


What do you get when you combine the premier Doodle Breeders in the US backed by superior in-depth training? A Turnkey Puppy. Iron Will Dog Training is pleased to offer puppies bred by leading Doodle Breeders that are fully trained by us. Your puppy will commence training atΒ eight-weeks-oldΒ and train with us for a total ofΒ four months, delivered to you when they are six months of age. Miss all the challenges that come with a brand new puppy!

  • First or second choice from an available litter
  • Your puppy will be fully house-trained and crate-trained
  • Your puppy will be obedience-trained
  • Your puppy will be socialized in different situations, and places
  • Puppy will be spayed or neutered at owner's discretion
  • Your puppy will know sit, stay, down, come, and leash etiquette
  • You will a receive a one-on-one training class at your home
  • Trainer will fly and deliver the puppy to you
  • You will receive a lifetime of support from trainer and breeder
  • Your puppy will be ready to go in the car, to the vet and the groomers

**BREEDERS, if you are interested in offering a Turnkey Puppy with training from Iron Will Dog Training, please contact us.

Training Videos

See all of our video content on our YouTube channel! ALL PUPPIES AT EVERY LEVEL OF TRAINING WILL GET A FINISHED TRAINING TAKE HOME VIDEO FOR THEIR NEW FAMILY. The video explains how to continue training their new pup and we will have the puppy demonstrate everything it has learned at their level of training, etc.- it will be 20-40 minutes long depending on what level they finish at.